2x more VR Party / Boost your fun!?!

I am not sure why, since they weren’t close to being maxed, but they have increased them by 2x…


Probably trying to get as much money from kick starter, before everyone finds out about the 75hz problem.


These bundles not very popular.
“…Fun” is very unpopular, and “…Party” has only 10 backer. Perhaps professionals with a vr caffe they will make money with it.

Pimax could make more money, if they would offer more 8K. 5K is not very popular. There are even “Early bird” 5K offers…
My wish, more 8K, or a upgrade option 5K to 8K for $100 more. The same procedure like the LCD to OLED upgrade option for $100.
Still 4 days, and the best offers are out. And it seems they have enough potential HMDs.
This big offers ($3.799 and $10.000) are one thoused (“1000”) unbacked 8K HMD.
Why not more 8K, or a $100 upgrade option for 5K backer? For example from the unbacked HMDs in this expensive bundles (5x and 14x).

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