2080 Ti cards are dying even if not OC'd?

Just saw this. Apparently Founder’s Edition 2080 Ti cards are dying for unknown reasons. 3d Party cards are also affected, but not as often. Maybe that’s part of (besides the low production figures) the ongoing shortage of cards…


Don’t forget the usual. Those with problems are the most likely to post about it. My 2080 ti has been running with no problems. Albeit with zero oc. Its a gainward gs edition 2080ti.

Although it makes sense that more people are experiencing problems considering the size of the die. Bigger die = higher chance for faults.


Well often best not to be the first ones to receive. Yes I am a hypocrite with my pimax. :laughing:

Nvidia 1070 & 1080 cards (maybe ti) were not vr ready on cards based on the reference design… Nvidia forums were loaded with upset owners.


Perhaps. Got mine around 2 weeks after launch. Although there have been reports of people having to rma upto 2 rma replacement cards.

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Just goes to prove even established companies more often release problems.


Thanks for the info, gotta think twice and test the gpu thoroughly before voiding the warranty with the holy water, that is, if I ever receice my gpu :sob:

Are those problems the reason why it’s not available almost anywhere… :thinking:

Edit. Didnt notice you said that already

My order status shows that it will be in stock 14.11. but everytime I check the status it’s delayed again one day :unamused: