2021 Shipping times in US for 'fulfilled by Amazon'

I ordered a 8KX yesterday on the official website, and it still says processing, I got it through the official site because it said fulfilled by Amazon and not shipping from China (could have also bought it on Amazon but slightly more expensive).

How long does the US orders that say fulfilled by Amazon take now-a-days? I live in a large metro so usually stuff from Amazon appears next day or even same day. How does package tracking work? Do you get a TBA… tracking number that’s utterly useless? Can you link your Amazon account so you can see more detailed tracking?

Hello, in order to let our customer receive the goods asap, we will arrange delivery official website headset orders from the Amazon warehouse. Under normal circumstances, the order delivery can be arranged on the second day after the financial team completed the order review. You also could submit a ticket to our support center. Please send your order number to the customer service, and then they will urge the financial department to approve it asap. CS will send you the tracking number and link after delivery. Please don’t worry. :grinning:

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