~2 more available beta tester slots?

I just got a Kickstarter email from Pimax…

Pimax 8K M1 Prototype Closed Beta

… We are about to start a round of closed beta testing for the Pimax 8K M1 prototype. The goal is to have some of you to test the prototypes from both professional and enthusiast’s perspective and let the Pimax team know how the experience matches up to your expectations. …

A tester should meet the criteria as below:

  • Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer
  • Trusted community leader, professional reviewer, or both

There will be around ten testing units in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program. We have eight testers on board so far. The testers are recommended by Pimax community members in the forum: community.openmr.ai. …

Check your email for more details.


Voting for @benz145 to be a tester


I have experience building wide FOV VR headsets also. I have built earlier prototypes like the Pimax back in 2013 called Portal Dual

I am also a Backer. If you need a hand, I may be able to help.


I am super excited to see this project come alive. I don’t have a chance but I will toss my name up. I am now a backer and have tested multiple VR systems. I am a professional software engineer as well. I am actually looking to develop some things for VR soon. I love the tech. I am sure there are more deserving people, but felt like introducing myself to everyone as well. Glad to be part of the community.


Voting for @Sjef!


I also vote for Ben from RoadtoVR.


Keep in mind folks we need to know if @benz145 has backed.

But I do think @Sjef would be a good choice & @Pumcy (if not already chosen) from Tom’s Hardware.

EDiT just keep in mind testers should also have a vive bs available if tracking is being evaluated.


@ChrisVL @Axacuatl have they backed the project? I vaguely recall that neither did, and as stated by Pimax, being a backer is one of the two conditions to qualify for the tester.

I am not saying I would not like to see them doing their part, but it might be useless if they do not meet the criteria.

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@Cdaked crew would be a good choice with their contributions of the fov test.


I vote for @Cdaked :slight_smile:


Voting for:

@Pumcy (Toms hardware)
@benz145 (RTVR)

Would be a perfect mix with the You tubers


If it were me, I’d try to snare doc_ok, regardless of whether he’s a backer or not. With him, the tech is used for work at university, and I would probably have liked to learn how well my product met the requirements of that sector, in addition to benefitting from the methodical modus operandi that comes with it, and the credibility he as a person has built with the VR community.


The FOV test is from “Real o Virtual”, not from my group; I only published the news here.

There have always been 10 prototypes, has Pimax specifically said that they are 10 testers or 8? Maybe two of the testers need 2 prototypes.

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My bad & apologies. :v::innocent::+1::sparkles:

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As I valuable and trusted community leader I can only humbly thank you all for choosing me to receive not one but two test units.

Thank you all.

Yes plz help. They need help for the 90hz :slight_smile:

My vote is doc ok. My 2nd vote is probably anybody but employees from a news company. They get too much free stuff as it is lol I would probably be okay with tested actually

Sorry, but it’s the same news that has been here for 22 days, only now they have put it on the kickstarter.

Eight is “around ten”.

I vote for @Sjef


My vote @Sjef