2 controllers and 1 base

If you know someone with a vive; I would recommend testing it as some hsve bought duds.

Nowadays (with all later PiTool versions) you can run with 1 basestation and 2 controllers without any problem. Nothing needs to be changed to get it running and u do the room setup in SteamVR just as normally. The head tracking is basically 360 degrees and works urprisingly well. The controller tracking works good as long as u dont cover them with your body of course.
For sitting down games and sims, 1 basestation is more than enough.


Im running 1 used base station and no controllers, except for xbox and a HOTAS, with no issues…great tracking.

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Yes just remember to have your hands in sight of the one basestation at all times. Headset should be good 360 but you hands will need to always be seen by the one lighthouse

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in general that should work, pimax demonstrated room scale vr last year with one LH (was surprisingly good, https://www.youtube.com/embed/5UjHnlGcbfQ?feature=oembed) and 2 controller will make every vr game usable
my guess is most unpleasant things will be occlusion of controllers with your body when doing room scale vr, but cant be worse than PSVR


Thanks for all the answers :+1:

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Have you set it to “a” mode (using the button on the back)?


I have and it made no difference. Getting tracking initialized is a pain in the butt. After it’s initialized, it works great from then on.

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Hi Dave,

Yes, tried that, along with all others suggestions here on the forum.

I have been using the 8k without any basestations for a while on iRacing, love the field if view, makes racing on tracks with walls so much easier to get close to them for the best driving line.

I get some very random freezes, mainly when i am looking into the apex of a corner, i naturally lean in and wondered if a basestation may help this. The picture freezes on my view with head turned, so if i move my head during the freeze my point of view is off at an angle and usually results in a crash due to disorientation. I have mapped a reset view on my wheel and if i am quick enough can sometimes manage to save the situation.

I bought the vive basestation via Amazon Prime, not sure if i still may have a dodgy unit. I do not know anyone with a vive set up locally and only get 3 or 4 hours per week to spend resolving this, at the expense of racing.

Hopefully there is still some help to be had before returning the unit.

There is a way to check on lighthouse log file. @TheIronWolf used this to find out he had a bad LH.

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Thank you for the suggestion.
I have looked at the vrserver.txt file and cannot see any lighthouse axis failure messages.

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Yep, see here: V1 Valve lighthouses identification and diagnostic


v1 and v2 lighthouses are simultaneously compatible with Pimax headsets, correct?

ie I now have a single v1 lighthouse for when the 5k+ arrives. Currently on WMR so it doesn’t have a use yet.

I have ordered Pimax v2 lighthouses and controllers as well.

So my Pimax plan is to play seated games with the v1 lighthouse (Elite is always my top priority hehe), and then when the v2 stuff arrives, I can theoretically use all three lighthouses for room scale, as the Pimax headsets are new enough to support v1 and v2 at the same time?

If I’ve misunderstood, then I can just sell the v1.

Pimax Headsets can use either LHes. However LH v1 cannot be used with LH v2.

So you would say have to use a single LH for seated games. & use the 2 that match version for Roomscale.

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In PiTool .111 I suggest you go to the menu where you turn off the lighthouses and temporarily uncheck that box and see if it tracks at all. Test it then check the LH box again and test it again. This causes the LH routine to reset.


Ah OK, I think I misunderstood this image

From here:


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@PimaxUSA Pimax headsets are the latest ‘TS4231-based’ devices’?

its already answered by the specs of the 5k+/8k if it runs with LH 2.0 then it must be TS4231 or newer
Strong Compatibility - PiPlay / Steam VR/ Oculus. Mass mainstream VR contents are prepared for you. It also can support for Steam 1.0 and 2.0 Lighthouse.

1.0 and 2.0 bases are not compatible because the way the ir beam is synced (intermittent beam from bases) is different the old 1.0 uses a array of ir led’s (the green board in the picture of the 1.0 unit) that is not present in the 2.0 units sold (the “sync on beam” in the picture is the hint)


Ah yes sorry makes total sense. Was a long day yesterday :slight_smile:

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