2.5 million prize:

What do you all think?

What exactly do you mean by that?

I dunno buddy. I’m still voting for the Warranty card and signed poster

On a serious note do we really need more free shit? This company needs to make money


He means you have the choice to upgrade to the 8K X… The Mac Daddy 2 X native 4K per eye model. A $200 reward…

IF he means that then I’d wonder what the X-backers will think. Downgrade path to the 5k? :stuck_out_tongue:
But on that serious note I agree with you about the free shit. It’s enough as it is. And they do need to make money.


Without eye tracking/foveated rendering, 8K X is pointless for most people.

There was discussion around the time of Kickstarter launch of being able to upgrade the 8K to 8K X with a new PCB and cables (2xDP) either as a user upgrade kit or a return and upgrade service. Not sure what the outcome of that was officially, but PiMAX did say it was possible.

Personally I would be happy doing the upgrade myself, but I appreciate not everyone is comfortable wielding a spudger and screwdriver.

@Matthew.Xu - is the upgrade kit still planned for the future?


I have huge faith in the 450 people who backed the 8K X. They will make it work don’t worry

The last thing I want is an 8K X. I do not have the hardware to run this and I do not believe that in the near future it will come to have.

I prefer the 8K and a hand module.

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I said for most people, I am sure there will be some willing to pay for a SLI of 2080Ti.

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No. Your sense of entitlement is absurd.

no need to worry, PiMax is surely making a good bit of money and will continue to do so. they would not have offered stretch goals if they would go broke doing so.
I vote for the inside out tracking kit.

As one of the 8K-X backer, It will be fantastic. That is all.

EDIT: This upgrade path would not be good. It could be a nice mod later down the road, but for a reward, no way.

I agree, I don’t think its a good idea overall eventually offering it sure that sounds fantastic for people who want to push that envelope but are unsure.

@PimaxVR @anon23564932 @Matthew.Xu

When will you update the kickstarter page to reflect the $2M stretch goal and the $2.5M goal?

We will update it tomorrow.


Not really a stretch goal ideal but @Davobkk does have a nice idea.

How about a poster small one not fullsize. Using Elements of the poster used at Immersed

Change Header to
-PiMaxVR Official Backer
-Model & Serial No.
-Keep Vision chart but Add 5k info
-signatures of the PiMax team!

And of course some nice Decals. :wink::+1:

It was their original idea. What are you talking about.

Is that you in the pic @Heliosurge ?

I think If the new prototype is really good and fixes all the problems Pimax should start focusing on quality control and delivering a solid product

2.5 / 3 Million stretch goal

A nicely designed warranty card with Kickstarter number would be the perfect way to ensure everyone is getting a quality product and wont get stuck with a lemon. Maybe offer an extended 2 years warranty or something?

@Matthew.Xu @anon23564932

No thats not me. However i did take the picture. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles: