2*1440p desktop with 8K headset simultaneously

Good day, Pimax. I’m your Kickstarter backer. Currently, 2*1440p is my default desktop setup for developing. Is it possible to connect your 8Kheadset while using this desktop?

Would you confirm that 21440p and P8 21440p will work in Extended mode (seems like Direct mode can’t provide the horizontal resolution for 4*1440p)

Thank you.

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I think you should be good as i believe @Enopho uses a 1080ti with triple monitor setup with the 4k model.

I added a couple of pokes to your post.

I have 3x24inch monitors with a Pimax 4k and don’t have any problems in extended mode. but you do need to make the pimax use virtual desktop or the like or everything is not clear.

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I have no plans to see my desktop in VR. All I need is two 1440p monitors for work and 8K for VR content in one time.

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Frankly speaking, we are not sure about this. We ever test using 2 1K monitor with 8K, it works well.

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I find your question a bit confusing. You’re saying direct mode can’t provide for 4x1440p. Direct mode, in the display model, is a mode where the HDM is not presenting itself as a monitor. So are you somehow using your current monitor as HMD simulation then (since you’re a developer) ? Or what are you exactly trying to do here ?

From what i understand he just wants to confirm he can use a multimonitor setup in conjunction with the headset. Ie @Enopho has a triple monitor setup while using the 4k headset model.

Yeah there wouldn’t be a reason why not. If you run the pimax in direct mode, it wont present itself as a monitor so that has nothing to do with the 2x1440p he already has. If you run it in extended mode, you should get 4 monitors if Pimax supports that of course. Maybe he’s asking that then ? But I don’t see a reason why not, I used to run 4 monitors on 1 pc in the past without problems.

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Oh, my apologies. I just incorrectly call the mode. Yes, I meant the Extended mode and the limitations of the maximum digital resolution (MDR) of the graphic card.

For example, GTX1080 has 7680x4320 max, so, we can not run more than 31440p (7680h) displays, cause 41440p (10240h) is bigger horizontally than MDR

Q: Is it possible to use 21440p monitors and 21440p displays of 5K/8K Pimax headset?
Can the Pimax confirm that this configuration will run in Direct mode and will not run in Extended mode on the current flagship graphic cards?

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Interested in this now too, I was not aware of this limitation, but to put into perspective what I’m doing at the moment, I have 3 monitors and a Vive/Rift (swap hdmi between).

The 3 monitors are 1920x1080 3840x1440 1920x1080. (So my horizontal is already at 7680) yet I can run my Vive or Rift fine. Not sure where the limit would apply?

EDIT: Obv I’m using direct mode in Vive, so I assume that’s why it works ok.

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Good question. @Enopho & @Sjef & @crony might also know an answer.

Added a few pokes to your post.

Ok I get you know. Well the maximum display resolution usually is the maximum resolution for just one monitor. It does not mean you divide it by the number of monitors. So you should be able to power at least the number of hardware ports your card has. However what Pimax is doing here, powering 2 monitors from one port is of course unconventional. Let’s say your card has 2 DP ports and 1 HDMI port and you connect to each port 2 monitors like the Pimax, so 6 monitors on 3 ports, would that still work ? That I’m not sure … I would think it would work but that’s merely a guess.

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Many thanks for the answer with your practical example. My first fear has disappeared, now remains to wait for the announcement of the physical knuckles.

BTW what I THINK pimax will do in extended mode is report the 2x1440p as just 1 monitor. So in that case you’ll be fine anyway. But maybe Pimax can confirm this ? @Matthew.Xu @PimaxSWD

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I was not talking about the Maximum Display Resolution, but about memory depended Maximum Digital Resolution.

May be, the 4*1440p displays even in Extended mode can be fited into 7680x4320 in various ways, like 2 levels etc… I don’t know, just wanna be sure I can use my hardware. :slight_smile:

Hmm I needed to google that myself, according to this thread it’s also per port: NVidia Card Specs - Maximum Digital Resolution? - Graphics Cards - Linus Tech Tips

Als here they seem to imply that ‘maximum digital resolution’ is just what it says: the resolution for a digital output port (vs analog). Which would make a lot of sense since the maximum ‘digital’ resolution is almost always very close to the maximum vga resolution it seems.

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Sounds good… what a great day!


Btw, a bit offtopic, but may I ask you what you’re developing ? VR related ?

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Yes, I’m an indie with some ideas and now working on some gesture-based arcade-adventure fantasy VR game.

As a dev I’m not interested in Pimax headset, but really need any sort of knuckles and eye tracking unit for experiments in mechanics and tests with foveated rendering.
As a player, P8 is all I need. :slight_smile:

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Hi, so is the question to be able to have two windows desktops inside VR? I was able to do this with my Pimax BE using something called a ‘headless ghost’ plugged into another one of my display ports. it makes the computer think you have another monitor connected to the PC, which gets picked up by both bigscreen and Virtual Desktop software

does that help?