[#16581]Any problem on Pimax email system?

This is my ticket , #16581, submitted on 5th, July, and these are following mails from Pimax and I.

I cannot understand their responses unless they have serious fault on their email system.
It feels like talking to a wall or something. It really makes me crazy.
When can I get my headset back?

Have You tried logging in to the Odoo HelpDesk to see if they’re actually getting Your email replies?

Finally I found that I had to reply to odoo@pimaxvr.com, not their clerks’ email. Wow.
However they should have checked if my RMA headset is on delivery or not at least.

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I am so sorry about that. I have sent an email to you, I hope we can solve RMA replacement soon. Thank you.


Did you get my email I just sent? I cannot believe your email system so go check if it is there or not.

Yes, The Odoo system has just been released. And now the system has recovered. Thank you.

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