140° FOV request


Seems that Oculus were correct when they said that 140° was the max FOV with current tech, I doubt you are going to fix distortion without eye tracking.

So how hard would it be to add a 140° mode?


I dont think 10 degrees will fix it 100%. It might, but it has the 150 degree normal FOV mode already that mostly takes care of it.


Yeah I agree, the 150 FOV with that extra 10 degrees for any stretched pixels to go further out on the peripherals should be best.

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I wish that they could put in a slider for fov. But I imagine that would be pretty difficult to do


Yes this. Also a 110 degree FOV to directly show the difference between it and last gen headsets

When someone who use 5k+ with 150 fov still found some distortion, I agree that may we have try other lower fov such as 140 as you said, 120 is too small.

i use google translator.
don’t forget that the 140 oculus is diagonally, so surely 120 or 110 in real horizontal.
the 150 of pimax is horizontal real.
it’s time for people to understand that.

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I am not making a point about numbers here…

People have reported a minor distortion with the normal FOV, 150 to 120 is a big jump so I am requesting something in between that get rid of all distortion.

I’ll have to test out the “Normal” FOV

With the .90 PiTool update it seems the distortion on the “Large” FOV was improved, so there is plenty of hope for future software updates. My guess is the hardware that is used to scan the lens distortions to build a profile isn’t up to the task for such a large FOV so they are having to manually tweak the distortion by hand.


I think that’s true. Based on the photos SweViver made of the LCD panels without the lenses, there was clearly an issue with the displayed image on the outer edges of the panels. That is something which should be fixable in the driver, but it will take time (and maybe better measurement equipment).

Trust me guys I had the chance to use both headsets a few a hours ago and wrote a long review on my experience with the headsets. The “Distortion” is a joke and is very easy to ignore. The Distortion was only noticeable because I was looking directly at it and even when looking right at it I had no trouble hitting notes in Beat Saber through the distortion.

Whoever said the distortion was very distracting and gave a bad experience is an idiot.

I’m willing to bet most of us would not even notice the distortion if you hadn’t heard there was distortion. That’s how minor it is.

Here is my review if you are interested: