$100 coupon, how do I redeem?

I want to upgrade to valve controllers and base stations and want to waste the coupon on it as 180 dollars is steep but still want to valve controllers,

How do I get the code?

Thanks everyone :smiley:

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Haha, forget about it imho. We most likely will only get our “coupons” now by claiming our money back through your banks, or via court…

**For the $100 credit for backers previously switching the backed headset from 8K to 5K PLUS.

‘ 8K to 5K PLUS ’ $100 Credit can be applied on items produced by Pimax at pimax.com. For example , you can apply the $100 credit to Pimax comfort kit/ silicon protective sleeve/ hand motion tracking module etc. However , items developed by third parties ( like Valve and 7Invensun ) will not be available for the $100 credit to apply to due to provisions in Agreement with them.


Please go to Pimax service desk to submit a ticket *with subject ‘ 8K TO 5K BACKER $100 CREDIT ’, and please leave your *backer number and *backer name in the description box. We will send the $100 credit code to you via private message on Kickstarter.

Can’t use it for basestations and controllers from Valve.


So you have to work for the $100 credit? That sounds weird. Yeah, very odd indeed.


You couldn’t use the $100 downgrade coupon for that even if you wanted to.

Sad face :frowning:

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Thank you for the information, now have to figure out how to waste it xD